How to Choose the Right School After You Move

Choosing the Righ

  How to Choose the Right School after You Move There are so many factors to consider when moving to a new location (economy, neighborhood, distance from family and friends, etc.), but none more important than ensuring that you choose the right school for your child/children. This article will … [Read more...]

Communication Takes the Stress Out of Moving While Apart

Moving Without Your Spouse to A new home is never easy.

  Communication is vital to any successful relationship, and it’s essential if you’re moving to a new home and one of the partners won’t be there when the move happens. Plan to start early and start earlier than you planned. The person who will direct the move alone will be under a lot of … [Read more...]

Help Plan to Make Moving Easier for People with Disabilities

Accessible parking is critical in a new home for a disabled person.

  People with disabilities cherish their independence, but moving into a new home can be intimidating for them. Moving is a job in which everyone generally requires help, whether they have physical challenges or not. There are ways to help make things easier. Some involve preparing the new … [Read more...]


Get your home nice and clean before you move in!

  Whenever you move into a new home, it's always good to have things fresh before moving your items in.  You may not be able to clean before you move in, but everyone wants to start with things in good condition.  Even though most homes will be clean before you move in, you may want to perform a … [Read more...]