We have already covered the most important areas when storing cigars in Cigar Storage Tips: 4 main areas.  This article will focus on bad ideas and myths about cigar storage.  These are the don’ts.

Don’t let your cigars get too moist, if they get slightly too moist they can plume or bloom (which is when oils in the tobacco rise to the surface of the cigar and make it appear spotty, dusty or opaque).  This isn’t so bad, some cigar enthusiasts actually prefer a cigar in this stage.  Plume happens when the cigar is over 70% rh (relative humidity) for a long period of time.  If you store your cigars at over 80% rh for even a short period of time they can develop mold which is a problem that has to be dealt with.  If your cigars get wet, they’re probably done because the tobacco will swell, the wrapper will split and at that point the cigar is lost.  Don’t store unwrapped cigars of different types next to each other as they will absorb some of the flavor of the other cigars.

Don’t try and recondition a dried out cigar by trying to use steam to “rehydrate”. To raise the moisture level in a cigar, use a humidor with a RH at about 75% over a period of a couple weeks.  Steaming is good for crab legs but doesn’t work for cigars because the wrapper will get too wet and become moldy or swell and split.

Don’t use your refrigerator to store your cigars.  Its way too cold and too dry.  Your cigars can also absorb flavors from other foods.  Worse yet, if you take a cold cigar and light it the wrapper can split or blow out because the interior heat from lighting cause the tobacco to expand too quickly.  Don’t use tap water in a humidor, it contains bacteria that can bring on mold.

Don’t build your own humidor, it’s a calibrated storage system that maintains consistent humidity.  It’s not a do it yourself project.  Any cigar store or website will echo these points, so if you want to enjoy you cigars at their peak of flavor, remember this list of don’ts and you’ll be glad you did.

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