How to Choose the Right School After You Move


How to Choose the Right School after You Move

There are so many factors to consider when moving to a new location (economy, neighborhood, distance from family and friends, etc.), but none more important than ensuring that you choose the right school for your child/children. This article will help you on how to choose the right school after you move.

Transportation almost always seems to be at the top of the list. Because of this, most parents will try to find schools closer to home. This will help determine whether or not your child/children will be walking to school (wherein safety is a major concern) or taking a bus (unless you decide to drive them). Being closer to the school tends to have its advantages, especially on days when you or your child/children are running late.

The next important item on the list is the school rating. This is broken down into five different grades; A, B, C, D & F. The corresponding grades represent the overall performance and accountability of the student body and staff. The higher the grade, the better the school, but is usually harder to get into.

If you are looking into private schools, not only will you consider distance and rating, but costs as well. Some private schools even offer boarding if the commute to and from school is too great on a daily basis.

While public school students tend to have a greater sense of individuality based on freedom of expression through their own unique styles, private school students tend to display a greater sense of equality through a strict dress code.

When choosing the right school after you move, whether public or private, the next item should be the programs offered for children with special needs. Whether mental, physical, linguistic or emotional, these needs must be addressed.

Another very important factor when choosing the right school after you move is before and after school programs. These are especially helpful for parents who need to be at work early or get off of work late. Some of these programs include; sports, the performing arts, the creative arts, cramming classes, boys’ scouts, girls’ scouts, YMCA, cadets, etc.

All these programs are excellent for the mental, physical, emotional and social development of your child/children and should be investigated further by visiting with school staff members. Allowing your child/children to attend the programs even if you are not restricted by your work schedule can have amazing results.

Another excellent benefit of choosing the right school, are the scholarship programs offered for students who excel in a particular field of study. A full scholarship to an accredited university can pave the way to an exciting career.

Sports are another opportunity for your child/children to excel where they might not in academics although a certain GPA must be maintained in order to participate in athletic programs in most schools. These can also lead to scholarships to major colleges and universities and the possibility of being drafted into the pros (every dad’s wishes).

One of the last things to consider when choosing the right school after you move is the school calendar. This will show you what holidays and religious days are recognized as well as when school starts and finishes. Depending on where you reside, snow days become a factor too.

Hope this article provided you with enough information to help you make an educated decision when it come to choosing the right school after you move. It will benefit you and your child/children greatly.

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