Apartment Decorating: Decorate your apartment for less money

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 Apartment Decorating

Knowing how to decorate your apartment can make a room look less cluttered and more spacious. These apartment decorating tips should help you save money and make your rooms look like a million bucks.

Keeping The Apartment Décor Simple: 

When decorating walls, less is more.  Putting too many things on the walls can be overwhelming; try just a few paintings or pictures, or a bold mirror (or bold piece of artwork).  This can do the trick.  There are a lot of DIY art projects online these days.  A good place to find home décor is www.pinterest.com, you can find a new new decorating styles easily here.

Know what to spend your money on when it comes to furniture:

If you’re looking for items that you can build yourself, or for a reasonably priced table, bookshelf, or storage cabinet, etc, a good place to find these items are at stores like IKEA or Target.  Stores like this are great places to shop for trendy and affordable pieces to fit any budget.  When it comes to items like appliances, couches, or beds,  you want  something that is going to last a long time, and not have to replace within a few months.  Make sure to look for the best quality, (and look out for sales).

Finding Items at Different Sales:

Great places to look for furniture and home décor are garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, and Craig’s list.  Most of these places will help you find everything you need at a price you can afford.  You can always get furniture and make it look new by using a slip cover or paint job(for much less) than furniture stores, if the resources are unavailable for you, and still have the brand new look and feel.

Decorate your aparment by adding color to your room: 

A great way to decorate is by adding color to the room, whether you use a throw rug, throw pillows, and curtains.  Having items match in the bathroom, and having your rooms scheme match, also will make your apartment more put together.

Using Collectible items to decorate your apartment:

If you own a collection, this is a very cost effective way to decorate.  Use your collection as a focal point, whether you use a storage container, curio cabinet, shadow box.  This can make your decorating very affordable.

Whether you DIY, or go to a sale, you can minimize the amount of money to decorate with the right resources.  Take advantage of some of these money saving tips and have fun decorating your new pad.




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