3 New Year’s Resolutions if you are Moving this Year

New year’s resolutions are usually helpful like losing weight, or quitting smoking, but our list of 3 moving resolutions (for people who are relocating this year) can be time-saving and stress relieving.  Our New Year’s resolutions break up into 3 areas; identify, organize, and discard. 


Identify is the first step in the process.  Identify means go to an area of the house like a storage area, etc and decide whether items are keep, donate, or throw away.  Make sure all members of your household buy into and participate in the program.  Put items into 3 piles.  The “throwing away” is easiest.  These items you don’t need.  The “donate pile” should be combined with other “donate” items and the “keep items” should move on to the next organize step.


Organize means anything you are going to keep should be logically stored.  Whether in boxes, tubs, on shelves, or in cabinets, an efficient system should be put into place at this time.  Make sure anything you pack into a box or tub is clearly marked with tags facing out to avoid confusion.  Use the concept of items that are seldom or never used are packed away the farthest and items that need to be accessed more often are easier to get to.  This system will help you use your space more efficiently.


Discard is the final step of the program and whether it’s throwing items in the garbage, donating to a charity, or giving away to friends or family, this step will help declutter your house and help streamline your future move.

One nice thing about the New Year’s Resolution program of identify, organize, and discard is that it lessens the load of work you will need to do when it comes to moving time.  Hope these help get you off on the right foot.



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